Dynashape – Not all saw blade re-sharpening services are the same.
12th June 2019

Dynashape is the UK’s most experienced saw blade sharpening specialist, quietly nearing their 60th year of blade expertise. We don’t make this claim lightly as there are more than enough blade sharpening companies out there to choose from.

So, what really makes Dynashape different?

Our values, processes and aims.

Our aim is to improve the quality of your cut using the most advanced methods to ensure repeatability and as a result, save you money. That’s it. We can do this a few ways, depending on your specific requirements


  • We can recommend alternative tooth geometries that better suit the materials and processes your business use and re-sharpen them to as-new standards – keeping the optimum cut quality. Or, if that doesn’t cut it, we can look at alternative blade manufacturers.
  • Sometimes, it’s as simple as the quality of the machinery we use to re-sharpen your blades – the Vollmer CNC machinery blade manufacturers worldwide rely on, giving superior results.
  • Rarely, the machinery can be to blame if you’re not getting the cuts you need. Dynashape is based within Addison Saws’ building, and as part of the Addison Group, have access to their team of engineers who can spot machine issues and advise on the best course of action for you.


All elements of our blade sharpening service seek to deliver notable cost savings year on year, and not just in the cost of new blades but cost savings from speeding up your production times, in blade life, materials cut, fewer blade changes, and quality control to achieve more regrinds per blade.

Dynashape’s blades have been proven to be far superior both in terms of quality and longevity – why not see for yourself by requesting a blade sharpening trial on 01384 264 954 or read more about every service offered, including continuous blade supply contracts by going online at