Circular saw blades for Ferrous materials
HSS & TCT Saw Blades
  • High Speed Steel including M2 and M35 for ultimate performance
  • Segmental and Friction
  • TCT and Cermet
  • Vapo, TiN, TiCN, TiALN coatings available on HSS
  • Universal pinhole configuration for machine compatability
  • Custom tooth profiles for ultimate performance
  • Re-sharpening service available
HSS Saw Blades
TCT & Cermet Saw Blades
Segmental Saw Blades
Friction Saws
Slitting Saws

High-Speed Steel (HSS/HSSE)

Sheet material produced from HSS (M2) or with added cobalt (M35) is compatible with slow RPM chop saws for cut off operations. They are predominantly used for ferrous applications and accordant with manual saws up to fully automatic cold saws.

Understanding our customer's applications is key to creating the right product, we can then profile tooth forms and angles to suit using our CNC Loroch grinding machines, which use Cubic Boron Nitrin (CBN) grinding wheels to produce the blade teeth. CBN grinding offers an excellent finish and impeccable tolerances, enabling the product to be optimised to give the most significant result.


M2, Steam Oxide

Steam Oxide blades are the standard for workshops cutting various grades of Steel up to 550 N/mm2. Also known as Vapo, this coating helps to absorb coolant and reduce material pick up due to its lower coefficient friction. These saw blades are practical for Carbon Steels and intermittent stainless steel cutting on both manual saws and semi-automatic saws. The M2 blade makes an excellent all-around, inexpensive saw blade for fabricators cutting mixtures of materials.


M35, TiN / TiCN / TiALN

If you want to expand your blade life, the Cobalt-TiN saw blades are the obvious upgrade choice from Vapo or M2.   the cobalt content helps to retain the sharpness of the cutting edge for longer, while the TiN coating helps to prolong the tool life by reducing heat exposure.

Cobalt-TiCN works very well when used for cutting stainless steels, and other arduous metals up to 900 N/mm2 as it allows for faster cutting rates and the benefits are seen particularly on semi-automatic and automatic cutting machinery.

Cobalt-TiALN is the ideal blade for dry cutting and abrasive applications that result in the production of excessive heat. These blades have an oxidisation temperature of 800C, resulting in a surface hardness of 3.400 Vickers (HV 0,05). Its multi-layered coating allows the cutting of material up to 1,100 N/mm2.


Our blades are manufactured to the "DIN standard", which complies with the German Industrial Standard in the 20 - 315 mm diameter range. For more information on these standards, visit the DIN website here.  The Bespoke Design Service (BDS) can further increase the tolerances beyond DIN standards for enhanced performance.

For material specifications, download the spec sheet in the top right of this page.