Manually Fed Tooling
Cutter blocks for hand fed machines
  • HSS, PCD and Carbide ranges available
  • Chip limitation - meeting hse guidelines
  • PVD coated blades offered to suit application
HSS Tooling
Carbide Tooling
PCD Tooling


We offer a wide variety of manual cutting tools for woods, also known as bore tooling, cutter blocks, cutter heads or rebate blocks.

Please see the corresponding tabs alongside this one for information on which block materials are best suited to your application. 


Our ranges:

We offer a wide range of tooling depending on width, size and required knife shape as well as bespoke block manufacturing. 

Titman / Trend / Whitehill / CMT / KWO


Health and Safety

Manual tooling offered by Dynshape is fully compliant with current health and safety laws around woodworking tooling and machinery. All our manual tools have 1.1mm chip limiters as required by law. Briefly, chip limiters only allow 1.1mm of material to be taken off at a time, limiting the amount of potential damage done to operators should an accident happen. 


You can find more information on the health and safety laws here:

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