Non-Ferrous bandsaw blades
band saw blades for non-ferrous materials
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Starrett Selector
DoAll Selector

Dynashape offer a variety of non-ferrous metal cutting bandsaw blades, specifically made to work with aluminium, copper, lead, tin and brass; as well as more unique applications calling for the cutting of precious metals.

Below is a guide to which bandsaw blade models are suitable for non-ferrous materals, separated by manufacturer:


Starrett range includes:

Intess (and variations of) | Versatix | Univerz | Advanz MC5 | Advanz FS | Duratec Super FB | Woodpecker Pro

**Starrett Brochure**

DoAll range includes:

Silencer plus | StructurALL (and variations) | Penetrator (plus variations) | T3P | T3W | STC | Dart | Metal Master | V-Tooth for soft, low density work.

**DoAll Brochure**

All blades above have different features and capabilities, for full descriptions please follow the links to the brochures above.


Available to download is our comparison chart for all popular makes of bandsaw blade. If you're using another brand, it'll show you which of the above would be suitable