Saw Blade Sharpening
Expert blade Sharpening
  • Segmental saw blades – new segments and sharpening
  • SHSS / HSS circular saw blades – recut and sharpen
  • Carbide-tipped circular saw blades – retip, sharpen, repair
  • Solid carbide circular saw blades – sharpen
Service overview
TCT Sawblades
HSS Cold Saws
Damage Repairs

Dynashape is the UK's most experienced and technically knowledgable saw blade sharpening and repair specialist, having over 57 years of expertise and with a recent £1M factory and inventory investment behind us. 

We are recognised all over the UK for our uncompromising blade servicing and refurbishing capabilities, by religiously carrying out the full grinding process, never cutting corners and deploying the very latest CNC technologies. With decades of production and manufacture experience within wide-ranging end-user industries, we consistently produce superior results for your individual applications delivering notable cost savings through efficiency, performance and superior products. 


Circular Saw Blade Re-Sharpening 

We currently have 4 CNC machines dedicated to the sharpening of all types of HSS blades. These machines also cut our blades from blank to create the new HSS blades we offer so you know you'll be getting an as-new blade every time. Our TCT blade sharpening is also completed on similar machines, allowing us to monitor output quality. We operate a light-outs shift, where the robotic machinery runs over-night on pre-set programs to ensure blades are available next-day. 


For some customers, smithing is the only option. We have a smithing department for very large TCT blades for those who need their blade bodies re-shaped and completely re-tipped using traditional methods. A before and after shot is included below:


This is a specialised process offered by Dynashape. If you require more information, please contact us. 

Bandsaw Blades. 

We do not sharpen bandsaw blades, however, we can supply a variety of new blades cut and welded to length - normally delivered next day.