Sharpening Machinery on-site

Huge investments have been made in Dynashape over the last 5 years, totaling over £1.5M in factory space, staff and equipment. Now located in Attwood Street, Stourbridge, Dynashapes new state-of-the-art facility is home to some of the most technologically advanced equipment in grinding. Currently housing 2 Loroch and 3 Vollmer CNC grinding machines,  the huge financial investment saw the installation of 5 new CNC blade manufacturing machines, 2 Loroch and 3 Vollmer models which further add to Dynashapes already excellent levels of service offered to a growing customer base. 


VOLLMER CHD 270 + ND 230

The Vollmer CHD 270 is a 8 CNC-controlled axis grinding machine with the ND230 robotic auto-loader attachment which allows up to 250 blades to be loaded for over night sharpening. Specifically designed for automatic machining of large carbide-tipped circular saw blades.  

Vollmer CHD 270 Sharpening Machine at Dynashape Ltd


Loroch K 850T

Designed to precision grind friction, solid carbide, HSS and Segmental saw blades - allowing us to give blades greatly extended lifespans, new blades can also be cut from blanks on this machine.  We pre-program the machines with each customer's requirements so that the perfect finish is achieved every time. View the video for the K 850T here:

Loroch K 850 T Sharpening Machine at Dynashape Ltd


Loroch KSC 710

This automatic loading grinding machine is another lights-out robotic machine, specifically for re-sharpening and re-toothing HSS blades with a diameter between 40 -710 mm (manual mode) and 75-520 mm in automatic mode.  

Loroch  710T Sharpening Machines at Dynashape Ltd


Walter Woodtronic CNC 5D

Walter Woodtronic CNC 5 5-Dynamic Axis Circular Blade Grinding Machine for TCT re-sharpening. Lights-out robotic machine.

Walter Woodtronic Machines at Dynashape Ltd

Vollmer CP200 x 2

Manual loading CNC grinding machines for HSS saw blades, Dynashape use these machines for sharpening HSS saw blades after they start to dull. Pre-programmable measurements ensure our customers get their exact tooth profile every time. 

Loroch Sharpening Machine at Dynashape Ltd




Walter NIC CNC 6F Rapide 

It may not look like cutting edge technology in tooth grinding, but this machine is the only one in the UK able to create and re-sharpen our pro-plastic saw blades, it's our most prized machine and we're very proud of it. Teamed with the unique tooth geometries created by in-house experts, you won't find a better plastic cutting sawblade in the UK. 

Loroch Sharpening Machine at Dynashape Ltd



Vollmer CHF 840

The newest machine to dyanshape's factory, the Vollmer CHF840, is a CNC-controlled 5 axis grinding machine designed for precise re-sharpening of TCT sawblades - from 80-840mm including those with group toothing.   


Vollmer CHF 840 re-sharpening machine